Code violation on display

01:23 Jun 26 2018 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Code violation on display
Massive panaflex banners and hoardings of various political parties are seen in Lahore despite the ECP General Elections 2018 Code of Conduct for political parties which puts a complete ban on billboards, wall chalking, panaflexes. The ECP also puts a ban on the use of religion and holy scriptures, however, in areas such as Johar Town and Township, Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has displayed unapproved posters which carry Holy Prophet's (PBUH) name.
The code of conduct issued by the commission only permitted 8×23 inch posters; 9×6 inch handbills, pamphlets and leaflets; 3×9 foot banners and 2×3 foot portraits/streamers.

However, there are some 3×5 and 3×6-foot streamers displayed along side electricity poles of various political parties in Township, Iqbal Town, Faisal Town and Ghari Shahu areas.
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